FSS is proud to announce a new series of Eurorack modules based around The Gristleizer, a coveted effects unit used and adapted by Chris Carter of Throbbing Gristle. Originally based around Roy Gwinn's "Guitar Effects Pedal" design, as published in the July 1975 issue of "Practical Electronics" magazine, The Gristleizer was used throughout Throbbing Gristle's recorded and live catalogue, and is seen as a vital component of their pioneering sound.

Four decades on, after several calls from the Eurorack community, FSS met with Chris Carter and Roy Gwinn to discuss the potential of an updated Gristleizer circuit. From one module came four; the oscillator, filter and VCA sections of the original "Guitar Effects Pedal" circuit have become their own distinct modules, whilst a pre-amplifier inspired by Jonny Reckless' discrete FET-based designs has been added to the line-up. The Gristleizer series, therefore, not only presents the sound of the original effects units, but also additional features which ensure optimum compatibility with modern Eurorack systems and artistic workflows. This has all been made possible through Roy Gwinn's meticulous attention to detail, coupled with Chris Carter's expertise as a pioneering electronic artist.

TG1 Gristleizer TG2 Generator TG3 Filter TG4 Modulator TG5 Pre-Amplifier

TG2 Generator


TG3 Filter


TG4 Modulator


TG5 Pre-Amplifier


TG1 Gristleizer



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