TG1 Gristleizer

The TG1 Gristleizer module brings together the functionality of the Gristleizer range behind one single panel. Normalled connections between the modules allows for simplified patching and instantaneous use. This workflow recalls the original Gristleizer, where audio was fed either into the Filter or VCA sections, both of which being modulated by the LFO. In the TG1, the Master Output from the Pre-Amplifier is normalled the Input of the Filter. The Output of the Filter is then normalled to the Input of the Modulator, extending the functionality of the original Gristleizer where the Filter and VCA functionality was switched between. The Filter and Modulator sections are controlled by the Fold output of the Generator section, allowing for complex modulation effects to be easily set up.

FSS is producing a limited run of 50 units of the TG1 module, 40 of which will be available to the public to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Throbbing Gristle's Second Annual Report. The panel of the TG1 features etched autographs from Roy Gwinn and Chris Carter, and is also hand-numbered on the rear. Pre-orders are strictly one per customer - any payments for extra units will be refunded - though customers can still add extra TG2, TG3, TG4 or TG5 modules to their TG1.

Price: £750.00 (incl. 20% VAT) + shipping SOLD OUT

Technical specifications:

Module width: 40HP
Module depth: 32mm behind 2mm FR4 front panel
Current consumption: 122mA on +12V, 113mA on -12V

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