SW1 Whitehall quad SPST toggle switch

The SW1 Whitehall presents a bank of four SPST toggle switches in 4HP. Each input (column X) is normalled to the next in a cascading fashion, so that the SW1 can be used as a switched multiple. Meanwhile, the outputs (column Y) are available on an internal bus connector for normalling to the MX1 mixer module. The module has been designed with live performance in mind, so therefore uses robust Salecom switches and an aluminium panel for ultimate reliability when on the road. The SW1 is also entirely passive, so does not require any power supply.

Price: £60.00 (incl. 20% VAT) + shipping

Technical specifications:

Module width: 4HP
Module depth: 23mm behind 2mm aluminium front panel
Current consumption: 0mA - module is passive

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