Mutable Instruments Shruthi Max4Live Editor

This is a WYSIWYG Max for Live editor for the Mutable Instruments Shruthi. It was designed for automating the Shruthi from Live throughout a project. Therefore, all of the Shruthi's synthesis controls are displayed on screen. Preset management, sequencing, etc. should still be carried out on the Shruthi itself however.

Download here.

Music Thing Modular Radio Music Trigger Pack

This is a bundle of trigger patterns to be used with the Music Thing Modular Radio Music eurorack module. Each .raw loop uses 2ms-wide trigger pulses to construct rhythmic patterns and measures. Different tempi can be selected by shifting through different banks (or folders), whilst different patterns can be selected by tuning the Station knob. The triggers outputted from Radio Music can then be used to trigger envelopes, sequencers, drum modules, etc.

Download v.1 here.

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