FSS is fully equipped to repair and modify audio equipment, including outboard, synthesizers and other studio electronics. We are experienced with many eras of audio technology - our expertise stretches beyond the realm of analogue synthesizers to cover most examples of any studio equipment imaginable.

Whilst examining the inner workings of equipment, we often find ways of extending a device's capabilities and compatibility. These modifications can be fitted during the servicing process, if desired by the customer. Examples include "modularising" simple pre-patched mono-synths, adding standardised control inputs to equipment, and also improving electronic durability by replacing components with more robust equivalents

For customers within the United Kingdom, personal collection and delivery of equipment can be carried out. Our premium care of items ensures safe transit, as well as reducing waiting times for delivery. Rates for this service are calculated on a per-order basis.

To enquire about our bespoke design services, please contact us for more details

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